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Wealth Management Series

Investment Portfolio Review & Rebalancing

Course Objective:

After further development of wealth management business, issues about how to review clients’ portfolio inevitably emerge. This program has 2 objectives:

  1. To build up the regular portfolio review and rebalancing mindset in participants and understand that many clients do have rebalancing needs.

  2. To practice communication with the clients about rebalancing in different circumstances of the market and client background. After the program, participants are expected to handle portfolio balancing work with more confidence.



6.5 hours

Course Content:

  • Introduction & discussion of what is rebalancing

  • Portfolio follow-up policy & related indicators

  • Introduction and discussion of the rationale of portfolio rebalancing

  • Suggestion of portfolio rebalancing in different client requirement changes

  • Suggestion of portfolio rebalancing in different market situations

  • Case studies and practice of customer position review & market expectation change discussion

  • Timing for rebalancing suggestion: market reversal signals & investor psychology

  • Theories and analysis of portfolio rebalancing strategies: (i) Buy and Hold and Drifting Mix; (ii) Constant Mix and Disciplined Rebalancing; (iii) Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance and Momentum Based

  • Historical comparison for validity of different rebalancing strategies

  • Role play session of rebalancing for different clients


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