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VAM has been maintaining good relationship with different organizations including banks, financial institutions and universities in Hong Kong, Macau and China Mainland for near 20 years.  We conducted training courses to the following institutions: 

Banks and Institutions in Hong Kong & Macau
  • HSBC

  • Standard Chartered Bank 


  • DBS Bank

  • Hang Seng Bank (Hong Kong and China)

  • Bank of East Asia

  • Fortis Bank

  • BOC (HK) & BOC (Macau)

  • CITIC Ka Wah Bank

  • Bank of Communications, HK Branch

  • Luso International Bank


  • HK Polytechnic University

  • Open University of Hong Kong

  • City University of Hong Kong

  • Macau University

  • Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

  • Vocational Training Centre

  • Hong Kong Management Association

China’s Mainland Banks and Financial Associations
  • Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

  • Bank of China

  • China Construction Bank 

  • Agricultural Bank of China

  • Bank of Communications

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Shenzhen)

  • China Merchant Bank

  • Shenzhen Development Bank

  • Guangdong Development Bank

  • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

  • Xiamen International Bank

  • Shenzhen Domestic Bank Association

  • 匯豐銀行

  • 荷蘭銀行

  • 渣打銀行

  • 星展銀行

  • 恆生銀行

  • 中國銀行(香港)及澳門分行

  • 東亞銀行

  • 交通銀行(香港)

  • 中信嘉華銀行及上海商業銀行

  • 華比富通銀行

  • 加拿大豐業銀行

  • 澳門國際銀行

  • 清華大學深圳研究院 (深圳)

  • 北京銀監局/天津銀監局/廈門銀監局 (香港、深圳)

  • 中國工商銀行 (北京、香港、深圳、澳門、長春、雲南、四川)

  • 中國銀行 (香港)

  • 中國建設銀行 (北京、香港、深圳、上海、廣州、東莞、杭州)

  • 中國農業銀行 (武漢、香港、深圳)

  • 交通銀行 (上海、香港)

  • 廣東發展銀行 (北京、香港、廣州、東莞)

  • 國家開發銀行 (香港、深圳)

  • 中國農業發展銀行 (香港)

  • 上海浦東發展銀行 (北京、香港、深圳)

  • 深圳發展銀行 (深圳、杭州)

  • 招商銀行 (香港、深圳、蘇州、沈陽)

  • 光大銀行 (北京、香港、深圳)

  • 民生銀行 (香港、深圳、珠海)

  • 華夏銀行 (香港)

  • 興業銀行 (香港、深圳)

  • 北京銀行 (香港)

  • 東莞市/銀川市/鄭州市/新鄉市/蕪湖市/長沙市商業銀行 (香港、鄭州、上海)

  • 廈門國際銀行 (厦門、香港)

  • 中國人壽 (香港)

  • 天津北方國際信託投資公司 (天津、香港)

Our founders and consultants’ past experience in conducting courses and consultancy services (part)
  • Developed and Lecturing Certified Financial Planner (CFP) courses for many financial institutions in Hong Kong through Hong Kong Polytechnic University and HKU SPACE to AIA, BOC (HK), Hang Seng Banks, ABN AMRO, Sunlife, etc.


  • Collaborated with Hong Kong Productivity Council to develop and lecturing Hong Kong Insurance CPD courses for banks and professional bodies


  • Co-authors of a popular CFP and AFP Exam prep. book: “CFP 600 Q&A” (published in 2009) and “AFP 300 Q&A” (published in 2013)


  • Writing standard financial planning procedural manual for BOC (HK) for their upgraded financial planning system


  • Coaching Bank of China (HK) and Bank of China participants to win the financial planning competitions organized by IFPHK and HKIB for consecutive nine years.


  • Teamed up with Russell Investment Group (U.S.), the largest retirement fund asset consultant in United States to provide investment and product knowledge to over 300 Bank of East Asia wealth management staff.


  • Instructors of Financial Planning courses in Vocational Training Centre and HK Management Association


  • In-house consultant for Luso International Bank (Macau) for wealth management business development and related training needs


  • Teamed up with organizations such as De La Rue Cash Systems (U.K.) and Royal Skandia to provide training to mainland bankers.

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The Competitiveness of VAM
  • Good connection with banks, universities and trade associations

  • Proven experience in conducting training courses and relevant consultancy services

  • Well experienced and knowledgeable instructors

  • Excellent feedback from participants

  • Up-to-date knowledge of market development

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