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HKU SPACE Financial Planning Alumni Society is a community with like-minded people in financial planning to share thoughts, knowledge and activities for promoting personal and social advancements. 


Since 1967, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has been offering diversified industry training activities designed to upgrade and update the knowledge and skills of practitioners in different business sectors. In 2018, HKPC upgraded its Productivity Training Institute to the HKPC Academy, which aims to nurture a pool of talents to keep pace with the changing international markets, and to support Hong Kong’s development locally and in the region.

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Turnkey is one of the leading sustainability software providers, with an emphasis and experience of ESG and Risk Management. Turnkey incorporates robust data security combined with real-time system performance, enhancing data quality and depth of analytics. Supporting customers globally in the Financial Sector, Supply Chain, Corporate Sustainability and Investment Community.

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