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Wealth Management Series

Effective Investment Products Presentation & Selling

Course Objective:

This is a program to provide participants with good chance to review their day-to-day practice at work and polish the selling skills through active participation. In attending the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Practice sales process of investment products including investment funds & structured products.

  • Enhance confidence in handling investment product selling and monitoring.

The course will focus on group discussion, role-play and experience sharing. The objective is to boost the practical skills of product presentation and experience sharing of selling relevant products between veteran relationship managers and less successful frontline staffs.



1 day (6 hours) per class

Course Content:

  • Revisiting the consultative selling process as relevant to investment products

  • Revisiting the daily preparation works before investment product selling

  • Fund selling practice: presentation of fund features and selling technique

  • Structured product selling: presentation of ELI features and selling technique

  • Closing technique role-play

  • The monitoring and follow up of client portfolios – rebalancing & turnover of the investment portfolio assets


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