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Wealth Management Series

All-Rounded Relationship Management And Wealth Management Selling For High-Net-Worth Clients

Course Objective:

This course aims to enhance various skill sets in managing high-net-worth clients, including full-cycle relationship management, the techniques of wealth management selling skills and the analytical power in financial planning. A balance is to be achieved in terms of the results of selling and the needs-driven relationship, the participants are expected to benefit from the high-impact interactive activities, and their daily behavior will change to reflect the effectiveness of the course.



4 modules, each module lasts for 3 hours, totally 12 hours

Course Content:

Module 1. Full-cycle Relationship Management and Opening Skills

  • Need-based selling vs Product selling

  • Six-step of financial planning and its application

  • Skills in opening investment needs by using asset allocation and market-view strategies

  • Identifying different financial needs by role playing

Module 2. Behavioral Finance and Investment Psychology

  • Client personal character and cognitive biases

  • Bailard, Biehl and Kaiser Five-Way model and approachability

  • Recommended portfolios and limitation of modern portfolio theory

  • Behavioral portfolio theory and asset allocation

  • Core-satellite approach and investment psychology

  • Case studies & role play: approaching different types of clients

Module 3. High-Impact Consultative Selling

  • A complete model of consultative selling

  • NLP skills in building rapport

  • Effective management of your customer portfolio

  • Being a hunter and farmer

  • Sales drill by role playing

Module 4. Portfolio Analysis, Review and Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Investment policy statement & capital market expectation

  • Economic cycle and investment clock approach of portfolio analysis

  • Importance and theory of portfolio rebalancing

  • Factors suggesting portfolio rebalancing needs

  • Portfolio rebalancing techniques

  • Case studies and role play: portfolio rebalancing


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