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Wealth Management Series

Advanced Portfolio Management & Consultative Selling Skills For Wealth Management

Course Objective:

Building on the previous knowledge on consultative selling, this 3-day course aims to further enhance the analytical power in financial planning and the techniques of wealth management selling skills. First of all, we would discuss method of upgrading one’s emotional quotient (EQ) and gain some insight to the investment market through Game Theory. Furthermore, issues about how to review clients’ portfolio inevitably emerge after a period of business development. We would illustrate to the participants the investment portfolio review practices in the market and related knowledge and theories. Lastly, we would revisit the consultative selling skills and conduct more advanced and in-depth case study. After all, a balance is to be achieved in terms of the results of selling and the needs-driven relationship, the participants are expected to benefit from the high-impact interactive activities, and their daily behavior will change to reflect the effectiveness of the course.



Three days (18 hours)

Course Content:

EQ in Wealth Management (1/2 day)

  • Self breakthrough

  • Momentum in achieving target

  • Secrets in success

  • Wholesome lifestyle

Game Theory in Management and Investment Market (1/2 day)

  • Introduction to game theory

  • Nash's Equilibrium

  • Game theory and decision making

  • Applications of game theory in management and Investment

Investment Portfolio Review & Rebalancing (1 day)

  • Portfolio Theory, diversification & the rationale of portfolio review and rebalancing

  • Factors suggesting portfolio rebalancing

  • Cost and benefit of portfolio rebalancing

  • Current market practices of portfolio rebalancing

  • Theories and analysis of portfolio rebalancing strategies

  • Points to notes for financial planners conducting portfolio rebalancing

Advance Consultative Selling Skills (1 day)

  • Review of the steps of consultative selling skills

  • Case studies for financial planning

  • Drill on difficult selling scenarios

  • Ad hoc role play


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