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Corporate Banking Series

Corporate Credit & Financial Statement Analysis Course

Course Objective:

This is a credit analysis program to help equip participants with essential and all-round corporate credit analysis skills. The course is divided into two levels.



6 hours - 1.5 days

Course Content:

Basic level (6 hours) :

  • Understanding essential lending principles

  • Lending decision making model and sources of evidence

  • Structured credit analysis combining qualitative and quantitative tools: (i) Business risks at each stage of the industry cycle; (ii) Industry risk & competitive advantages in different industries; (iii) Group discussion SME lending approach introduction

  • Understand the credit risk management hierarchy & division of work

Advanced level (1.5 days 6 hours per day) :

  • Credit risk analysis and ratio analysis

  • Financial statements, auditor opinions and accounting principles

  • 4 basic categories of financial ratios: profitability, productivity, liquidity and solvency

  • Definitions of financial ratios and what make those ratios change

  • Overtrading with focus on SME lending

  • More advanced analysis: cash flow statement analysis: (i) Accrual vs. realization concept and importance of cash flow; (ii) Techniques of cash flow structural analysis, trend analysis & cash flow ratios

  • Accounting warning signs

  • Comprehensive real case study

  • Credit proposal writing (format, content, technique and examples)


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