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Corporate Banking Series

Banking Products & Trade Finance For Corporate Relationship Managers

Course Objective:

It aims to provide the potential frontline marketing staff with a comprehensive understanding of general banking products and more importantly, the various trade finance products, their operations and risks. Through the interactive and case- study approaches, upon completion of the course, the participants should be able to master the essential knowledge of trade finance.



7 hours

Course Content:

Basic Level (7 hours) :

Introduction to commercial loans

  • Term loan

  • Money market loan

  • Overdraft

  • Post-dated check loan

  • Equipment financing

  • Commercial mortgage loan

  • Syndicated lending

International payment methods

  • Open account, payment in advance, collections, L/C, mixed modes

Documents used in trade transaction – forms and characteristics

  • Financial documents (e.g. bill of exchange and others)

  • Transport documents (e.g. bill of lading, airway bill, etc.)

  • Insurance documents (e.g. cover note, open policy, certificate of insurance, etc.)

  • Other documents (e.g. inspection certificate, certificate of origin, etc.)


  • Functions and usages

  • Introduction of commonly used Incoterms (e.g. FOB, CIF, CFR, etc.)

Documentary collection - flow and operation

  • Different parties’ roles

  • Trade flow

  • Documents used in collection

Documentary credit – flow and operation

  • Different parties’ roles

  • Trade flow

  • Documents used in DC

Advanced Level (7 hours) :

Special credits

  • Red-clause L/C, green-clause L/C, Revolving L/C, Standby L/C & bank guarantee, etc.

  • Back-to-back L/C Vs Transferable L/C

  • Structure analysis

  • Features comparison

  • Risks and mitigants

Financing importers

  • Loan against import

  • Trust receipt

  • Shipping guarantee

  • Packing loan

Financing exporters

  • Bills negotiation/bills advance

  • D/A & D/P discounting

  • Forfaiting

  • Factoring (domestic and international)

Structuring trade finance facility

Abuse of documentary credits

Trade frauds


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